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Do you want to move from striving to thriving?
I can help you embrace your future.

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About Me

*I am sorry I am currently full and not able to take on new clients. I don't operate a waiting list.

My Approach

Whatever your circumstances I hope you will find me warm and welcoming. I aim to understand where you are coming from and to help you fathom out the best way forward. I am trained in various methods of counselling so together we can choose which is most helpful and comfortable for you. I am a christian and I welcome clients of all faiths or none.

* All sessions remain online  or by telephone

My Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree Stirling University 1993

  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills, University of Abertay, Dundee 2013

  • Diploma in Christian Counselling Vital Connexions, Glasgow July 2015

  • Primary School teacher (for 26 years)

  • Wife and mother of two grown up children. 

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Areas of Interest


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the misery of depression which has hijacked who you really are? Perhaps now could be the right time for you to start processing childhood issues that still seem to trip you up? Have you begun to believe that you will never feel any better as you drag yourself through the exhausting challenge of getting through the day? Let me understand your misery and I will show you some tools that will help you recover. I have watched so many people really benefit from therapy for depression so I want to help you find your motivation step by step and believe in your ability to fight it and get back to being the real you.

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Stress and anxiety

Are you burnt out by meeting everyone's needs but your own or by impossible work demands, an unhealthy work environment or overwhelming family commitments? Maybe you are wondering why you feel lifeless or permanently wound up? Or maybe you are kept awake at night with worrying thoughts or keep yourself over busy during the day to distract yourself from gnawing anxiety? Have you forgotten how to be compassionate to yourself? Are you trying to ignore the fact that maybe those extra aches and pains and health issues could be being exacerbated by mounting stress? Together we can help you work out how to prioritise your own wellbeing step by step, overcoming anxiety and  helping you feel so much better able to cope with life.

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Loss and Bereavement

Have you lost someone or something special in your life (including your job, or health) and are you feeling lonely and stuck with the searing pain which you feel no one can understand? Perhaps you would benefit from the chance to talk with a caring person who is not a close family member or friend? Often we think we have dealt with the grief at the time but years later we discover it is still unresolved, maybe we have rushed back to the busy-ness of life too soon? I can help you to cherish your memories, process the pain of bereavement and begin (when you are ready) to make little plans for a different future you did not choose.

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Further Areas of Interest

  • Anxiety

  • Loneliness

  • Carer support

  • Low self-confidence

  • Work-related stress

  • Emotional  or physical abuse

  • Tricky childhood

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Therapies Offered

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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What to Expect

Experienced. Qualified. Supportive.

At the first session I aim to put you at ease and do an informal assessment getting to understand you and your current difficulties. At the end of that session if we believe we are a match then we can make a plan. I usually suggest committing to a further 5 week block, but this is of course up to you.

It would be a privilege to journey with you in the counselling room. Taking time out to clarify your thoughts, make sense of what is going on for you and make changes or begin to move on can be all you need to feel a little sense of joy or calm return to you.

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£50 per 50 minute session payable on or before the appointment please.

Cancellation policy applies as per contract which you will receive at the initial assessment session.


I am currently available Wednesdays or Thursdays online.

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Anxious Mum

I honestly cannot thank Jenny enough for the help and support she has given me over the last few months. Having suffered from crippling anxiety for all of my adult life, I now feel that I can get back to enjoying my life with my family. Jenny shows true empathy and genuinely cares about her clients. We have worked through various techniques to deal with my anxiety and I am now much better equipped to deal with any anxious moments that arise.  I always felt so much better at the end of a session with Jenny than at the start and I’ve got to say I’m a little sad that our sessions have finished. Thank you so much.

Semi-Retired Gentleman

While I have had family and friends showing great concern, support and love
for me during my difficult times, you have been the person who has helped
me to make sense of my head, my thoughts, my reactions to things and my
situation, and guided me towards the right questions, without which I could
never have progressed through to where I am now. I thank you for all of that
from the bottom of my heart.

Employed Gentleman

 I had never been to a counsellor before so did not know what to expect.   Several names had been recommended to me.  I checked out their respective websites and was drawn to Jenny.  She looked calm, had a nice smile and I thought I could perhaps relate more easily to her – the others were a bit older.  I also liked the way she described what she could perhaps offer on her website.   I cannot praise and THANK Jenny enough for her support, help, advice and enthusiasm to help get me better.   I was the outgoing, bubbly, life and soul of the party type, teaching aerobics to 250 seniors each week.   Depression overwhelmed me (I had experienced it 18 years previously, so I knew what was happening to me) and I had to cancel classes which I loved.    I went to Jenny convinced I would never get back to my former self.   However, each week there was steady progress (I still had my down days) but with all her tips, techniques, advice and care I am delighted to say I am now back to the old me.   Will be eternally grateful to Jenny, cannot recommend her highly enough.


Jenny is a great counsellor - she helped me immensely and offered exactly the
kind of support I needed in dealing with a difficult situation at college but also
helped me to understand it within a larger personal context. She is friendly and
warm, supportive and attentive, understanding and inspirational and makes you
feel comfortable right away. I highly recommend her as a counsellor!

Anxious and Low Student

Jenny is very friendly and easy to talk to and has helped massively with coping
with my specific struggles

Anxious Educator

Jenny’s approach in my counselling sessions involved a combination of different techniques and practices to help me develop self-knowledge and self-belief and take control of my life.  Our sessions were highly focused, warm and constructive and I have achieved life changing progress thanks to her guidance, wisdom and support.

Anxious Daughter

Therapy with Jenny was more than I could have hoped for. She is so warm and kind and genuinely cares about her clients. With Jenny’s support, I have been able to take a step back, re-evaluate with fresh eyes and move forwards in a situation I have felt stuck in for 15 years which I never thought I would be able to do. Jenny is incredibly talented at what she does, she has changed my life and I would highly recommend her for anybody going through a difficult time. Thank you!

Someone Grieving a Relationship

When my relationship broke down in the midst of lockdown, I found myself trapped in obsessive thoughts, depression and anxiety.  It took me a couple of weeks to recognise that I needed extra support from a professional, but I was afraid of not finding the right person who will truly get my story. After a thorough search around the internet I was drawn to Jenny because of her experience but what really made her stand out was her ability to connect with me. The sessions turned into a safe space where I was able to talk about all my worries and embarrassing moments without feeling judged. Each session helped me understand my thoughts and myself a bit better… learned invaluable things about my childhood experiences and how they influenced me too! The “homework” given in between sessions was a great way to put into practice what I had learned, and it quickly helped me to bounce back from the feelings of anxiety and depression. Now I am able to recognise those feelings for what they really are but without letting them reign over my life. Thank you so much for your help and may God bless you!

Customer Subtitle

I got put in touch with Jenny and was apprehensive as I'd been to a therapist years ago and didn't enjoy it. When I met Jenny she was welcoming and friendly and got to know how I was feeling and soon got me back on the right track. I don't know where I"d be if I hadn't come to that original appointment. If you are in a situation like I was I would wholeheartedly recommend going to Jenny.


Jenny gave me a safe outlet where I could speak freely without fear. She taught me that being upset was okay and that I could conquer my feelings of doubt, anxiety and self-esteem issues. Listening to my tears with Jenny and learning techniques has changed my life for the better and I hope to continue with the tips and tricks learned.

Worried Mum

I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough.  She came in to my life when my son was having life threatening heart problems and suffering from PTSD and I was living in a constant state of fear, anxiety, tearful and upset.  I was also angry that I could not make him better and take away his worry and pain.
Jenny throughout her sessions with me used her kind, caring manner to show me how to get through each day, whilst also being able to help my son in any way I could.  As she helped me to become calmer I learned how to cope with what had happened to him and how it had affected us all and although I will always worry about his health I have learned from Jenny through exercises and discussions with her, how to worry much less and deal with negative thoughts and feel she has put me back together and that I am more like the positive, fun woman I was before my son's illnesses and less like the terrified, anxious, tearful woman I was when we first met and although I no longer need to have sessions with her it is good to know she is in the background  if I ever need her in the future.
If you are considering using Jenny do not hesitate, she can help you of that I am sure".

Overwhelmed student / burnt out carer

Jenny really helped me understand myself better at a time when I was feeling low and dealing with lots of new, difficult challenges. The techniques she has taught me to deal with feeling overwhelmed continue to help me every day.

Bereaved and burdened student

I came to counselling as a desperate measure and was sceptical when Jenny said that she could help in our allotted six weeks. Jenny created a safe environment where I never felt judged and with her insight, kindness and patience I could see light at the end of what was a very dark tunnel. Together, we practiced the exercises and habits which I use as a daily toolkit to keep me focused, healthy and aid reflection. After eight weekly sessions I feel like myself again and more in control of my emotions. With Jenny’s help I have revived a positive joy in life that I thought I had lost for good. 

Empowered to change/ professional man

I am very thankful to have benefitted to such an extent from my weekly sessions with Jenny and would whole heartedly recommend her services. This was my first experience with counselling, so I did not know what to expect. Right from the outset I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and concerns with her and appreciated the deep listening and wise advice that came from each session. I actually looked forward to each session which provided support and guidance over a difficult and challenging period of my life.

Struggling young professional 

Since our sessions, I have become so much more comfortable and confident in talking about myself and everything that has happened in my life. The tools you helped me put in place, alongside the ADHD medication, have genuinely been life changing. Obviously I still am working on myself and there are good and bad days, but the improvement overall is enormous.

Bereaved daughter

Jenny helped me when my dad died, my self-esteem was very low and she gave me back my confidence. She was very much on my side and showed me how much I have achieved in my life.

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Please get in touch by email or phone and we can arrange for an initial assessment and decide if you are happy with what I can offer you. I usually suggest committing to a six week block of sessions but this is entirely negotiable. If I feel I cannot help I will try to find someone who can. I offer face-to-face, telephone or Zoom online consultations.

Skype - jennyswhitehead

61 Montgomery Crescent
Dunblane FK15 9FB


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